US Prepares for War on US
Citizen Kane | Saturday, October 7, 2017 -- 5:19 PM EDT
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US security forces stockpiles science fiction mirroring technology; looking like an Orwellian superstate preparing for war on its own people

With the rapid technological and scientific advancements, the entry into the 21st century has brought the dawn of an era when what was once thought to be impossible is possible, and what was once science fiction is science fact.

"It's almost like a self-fulfilling prophecy," says Kurt Reymers, Assistant Professor of Sociology who helped create the new Science, Technology, and Society program at Morrisville. "Science fiction is often loosely based on reality that often makes predictions and sometimes even creates it," he goes on explaining how "Avatar-type technology" isn't that far off citing the prosthetic arms that have neural sensors that will allow them to be controlled by the brain.

Reymers notes that it's important to be cautious while we proceed into an era when science and technology is, and will be, so highly integrated in society. He pointed out that it's essentially unavoidable given that it is "part of the human process," and that it has the potential to have both positive and negative effects. It's important to make it a priority to make sure the scientific and technological undertakings are "moral, ethical and safe" and, aside from predicting and creating the future, "science fiction offers another perspective that allows us to question science and technology in a new light."

For some, rather than a science fiction utopia, a science fiction nightmare seems to be the impending reality. The science fiction nightmare is best compared to science fiction novels like George Orwell's "1984" that has seemingly foreshadowed the technological reality that we see playing out today with "big brother" or the government, operating with a one-party system with two factions is at times comparable to that in "1984."

The idea that "big brother is watching you" is certainly prevalent with invasions of privacy from things like FISA and the PATRIOT Act, but what about Radio Frequency Identification micro chips in your passports, credit cards, and possibly your "national ID card;" or maybe even in your driver's license? Have you ever heard the mainstream media even spin how having microchip RFID implants "improve safety?" How about the domestic spy drones that can fly over head that can stay airborne for up to a day, like the ones reported on by KPRC in Houston, that were experimented with by law enforcement agencies including the Department of Homeland Security for just that purpose?

Even more ominous are the technological developments concerning DNA that FOX News reported on in October 2009. The IBM Research division is finishing up building its "DNA Bar Code Reader."

This is the same corporation that "coincidentally" got its start back during WWII constructing the first computer system to keep track of concentration camp prisoners, archiving their punch cards.

On another note, for those that have looked up at a clear sky and seen a plane traveling along leaving a long streak in the sky, maybe followed by another one in a different direction, and maybe even a third in another direction and watched their trails slowly dissipate - no it is not normal for planes to do this. Con trails, short for condensation trails, are what is normal. Con trails occur when planes fly in high altitudes and the moisture in the air is vaporized by the jet engines leaving behind short trails. The story has scarcely been covered, despite its prevalence across the world. It has been exposed by select news agencies including the German News agency RTL-TV which did a report on the subject, which can be found on YouTube.

No you don't need to know about what is being dumped into the atmosphere and into the air that you breathe. These aren't the kinds of questions you're looking for. Move along like a good party member or you may potentially face "vaporization."

In effect, the government is conducting experiments that directly affect the public by hypocritically spraying the atmosphere in masse with potentially harmful aerosols while they talk about going green and scheme ways that they can rake in trillions of more dollars by exploiting the environmental movement.

The summit of climate scientists in California this past March has many feeling like they've entered the matrix and now all they have left to do is prepare for the invasion of machines and retreat underground. According to the London Telegraph, despite the current nine-year cooling period to deal with the very much debated theory of global warming, scientists will discuss ideas like blocking out the sun. "Reducing the sun's rays by blocking them using mirrors orbiting in space or by spraying sulphur compounds into the high atmosphere to reflect sunlight away from earth," Alastair Jamieson writes describing some of the ideas that will be discussed.

In another article from the London Telegraph, Jamieson details another strategy they will entertain that involves stimulating a volcanic eruption to block out the sun.

The mainstream media that has retroactively taken on the role of "the ministry of truth," has managed to subvert those who aren't privy to pertinent information concerning political, economic and social developments, with "clever" Orwellian type tactics that amount to calling a dog a cat.

Take for example the giant agricultural corporation Monsanto, whose Genetically Engineered corn was linked to sterilization in India, whose milk has been proved cancerous, and whose GMO foods have, according to a Huffington Post article published this past January, have been linked to organ failure, is awarded the Corporation of the year.

Ben Bernanke, Chairmen of the Federal Reserve, who arguably single-handedly cost the United States and its taxpayers tens of trillions of dollars, was just named Time Magazine's person of the year. Barak Obama was awarded the Nobel peace prize after having done essentially nothing as president, and actually ended up spending more than Bush did with his defense budget in the War on Terror and expanded the war in Afghanistan in 2009.

The "ministry of truth" is a fair comparison given some of the information that has recently come to light concerning government propaganda. Just this past January Raw Story reported that the Pentagon wants to institute an Office of "Strategic Deception." "Remember the Pentagon Office of Special Plans that helped collect dubious intelligence that led to the war in Iraq?"

Another real world example of the 'ministry of truth' is the program, revealed by an investigation by the New York Times, "where the Pentagon secretly briefed military analysts to promote the Iraq war? Meet the would-be Office of Strategic Deception," Sahil Kapur writes.

Now we have Orwellian like thought crimes, or criminal "acts" perpetrated by thinking something, starting to develop. In South Carolina subversives who think government is corrupt or should be controlled by the people face 10 years in prison and a $25,000 fine if they don't register with authorities due to the "Subversive Activities and Registration Act."

According to the law, "Every member of a subversive organization, or an organization subject to foreign control, every foreign agent and every person who advocates, teaches, advises or practices the duty, necessity or propriety of controlling, conducting, seizing or overthrowing the government of the United States," a quintessential American characteristic outlined in the Declaration of Independence, "... shall register with the Secretary of State."

All the while many fall victim to "the party's" double-think, like the London woman who was interviewed in Alex Jones' documentary film "Terror Storm" who said, "I think people should give up their liberty for freedom." Maybe two plus two does equal five.

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