Threats of Violence, Racism False Flags by Leftist Protesters During Conservative Rally
Citizen Kane | Thursday, November 16, 2017 -- 2:02 PM EST
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Resist Marxism's "Rally for the Republic" is now facing demonstrations by leftist groups intent on portraying the conservative group as violent, racists.

Around midday Nov. 15, 2017 a post from a local Boston group called “Fight Supremacy” released a statement on their Facebook page about their plans to organize a protest of a rally at the Boston Common on Nov. 18; a rally they say is composed of “terrorists” who will commit acts of terrorism.

Comments on the post by those who were interested in the Fight Supremacy protest ask “What would make them think the rally attendees are terrorists?” to which one replied “Kerosene + super soaker.” Another interested in the protest said “I like that idea,” in reference to the comment about kerosene.

The person who posted the kerosene comment is Alex Golonka, 'Progressive Candidate' for the Sept, 26 election to Boston City Council from the 9th District of Allston and Brighton.

The rally Fight Supremacy will be protesting is “The Rally for the Republic,” which is being organized by a group called 'Resist Marxism.' Resist Marxism is affiliated with 'Boston Free Speech,' which held the Boston Free Speech Rally in the Boston Common in the month of August.

The August rally was labeled a 'supremacist,' 'Nazi,' 'hate' rally by Boston Mayor Marty Walsh and the local media, which subsequently led to thousands turning up to protest the event.

Fight Supremacy alleged they had lost hosts for their “workshops” on the day of the rally due to concerns that the rally attendees were “terrorists,” and not because of anything having to do with their own group.

“Due to fears that the Freedom of Speech rally attendees being terrorists intent on committing an act of terrorism on Saturday, both MassArt and Emerson College have pulled out as locations to host the day of action with different workshops aiming to teach how to dismantle white supremacy when you see it in your everyday life and also performances from local Black artists to celebrate the coming together of many to reject white supremacy in all its pernicious and insidious forms,” Fight Supremacy posted on their Fight Supremacy 2.0 Facebook event page.

Fight Supremacy's post was shared by Rick Wood, who manages the Rehoboth Democratic Town Committee Facebook Page.

In an interview with Ken McKay, Head of Security for Resist Marxism's rally, he talked about the negotiations and discussion he had with Boston Police Department's Superintendent William Ridge.

“Who were the people throwing rocks and piss bottles at your officers,” McKay said he asked the Superintendent. “And he said he doesn't disagree.”

As the Boston Globe's Nik DeCosta-Klipa reports, “Fight Supremacy 2.0 is being organized by the Boston and Cambridge chapters of Black Lives Matter, as well as social impact group Violence in Boston.”

“The violent mobs enabled by the mayor are trying to stop us from simply gathering under the Stars and Stripes in public,” John Medlar, Organizer of Boston Free Speech and Resist Marxism, said during their Nov. 14 press conference at Boston City Hall. “They will not intimidate us and they will not prevent us from spreading our message and having us being heard. We reject communism. We reject fascism. We reject racism. We reject tyranny. We embrace liberty, the free exchange of ideas, patriotism and love of America.”

In an interview with, Monica Cannon-Grant, one of the organizers for the Fight Supremacy Protests, rejected Resist Marxism’s claims of being unassociated with white supremacy.

“Where are they when people of color are using this free speech and being beaten, shot, and killed?” Connors-Grant said. “Their fight is baseless and just an excuse to exude hatred. I’m still trying to figure out how they feel like their free speech is being impeded on when the truth of the matter is everything in this country states otherwise,” she said while, as DeCosta-Klipa reports, questioning at what point heterosexual white men in the United States have ever had their free speech in jeopardy.

“We don't want to allow people who dissent to instigate violence because they disagree with us,” McKay said before going on to reference the history of violence associated with the groups organizing a protest of their rally. “The left likes to call me a racist. Uhh, my family looks like the United Nations, so I don't know what the hell they're talking about.”

Two days before the event, Resist Marxism is still waiting to receive a permit from the City that does not come with the same restrictions of the Boston Free Speech rally in August; restrictions which they argue have, in conjunction with the city's attempts to delay the permit process, infringed on their constitutional rights.

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