Terror Threat interrupts FCC procedings during Net Neutrality vote
Citizen Kane | Thursday, December 14, 2017 -- 3:02 PM EST
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Leftists in the fake news media managed to convince their minions that bringing the internet back to the regulatory status it enjoyed while it flourished into the free and open internet that we know it as today was going to dismantle the internet, free speech and democracy. A terror threat to the security interrupted procedings.

FCC votes to bring the internet back under the regulatory status that allowed the internet to develop into the internet as we know it.

This has been done amidst a fake news onslaught in an attempt to assert that the FCC is killing the internet, destroying free speech and democracy. After a terror threat from someone likely suffering from FND (Fake News Dysphoria) the FCC's proceedings were interrupted.

After a short recess, Chairman Ajit Pai gave his comments outlining the hypocrisy of these assertions following two years of tech giants bullying the market and those with "unfavorable views."

To listen to Pai's closing remarks, fast forward to the 1:19:30 mark.

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