Oath Keepers Call to Action: Border Operation
Oath Keepers | Sunday, December 9, 2018 -- 2:37 PM EST
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Oath Keepers are being deployed amidst the lawlessness being promoted by leftists.

***Article first published by 'Oathkeepers' on Dec. 4, 2018***

Oath Keepers and Patriots,

Duty calls! We must do all in our power to aid and support President Trump and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in securing our Southern Border with Mexico.


In reaction to the orchestrated caravans of illegals, President Trump has stepped up by finally deploying some military assets to assist CBP and has also temporarily moved CBP personnel from the Canadian Border to the Southern Border. Those are welcome and necessary changes. However, they are still not sufficient to actually secure the border as they only strengthen the immediate areas around the entry points where the caravans are. There are still massive sections of the border where illegals cross in large numbers daily. Actually securing the whole border will require a full scale military deployment on the border with Mexico, such as was done by President Woodrow Wilson in 1916 after Poncho Villa’s murderous raid on U.S. soil, along with the building of an effective wall. And until that is done, we need to step in and help, and by doing so, show our support for that full military deployment (and deployment of We the People as the militia, which President Trump should also do), and to show our support for an effective wall.

The cartels are worse than Poncho Villa since he at least went back to Mexico after killing and looting, while the Mexican drug cartels stay in the U.S. and are now taking over border towns, cities, and counties here just as they do in Mexico, while they traffic in illegal aliens and drugs, and while they force women and children into sex slavery here in the U.S., – again, just as they do in Mexico – they are the modern day slavers.

Mexico is a failed narco-state, run by the cartels, especially in Northern Mexico. This is a military invasion by the cartels and a political coup by the domestic Marxist controlled left, which sees open borders and mass-illegal invasion as their ticket to permanent illegitimate political power. This is a matter of national security and also a matter of national survival.

This invasion/coup must be stopped, and with the ongoing failure of the RINO dominated Republicans to finance a wall, stopping it will now require full scale military action, which we strongly encourage President Trump to take under his authority as Commander In Chief. He should deploy the troops en mass and put them to work building the wall using DOD assets and funds. If we can secure the border between North and South Korea as a military necessity, then we can secure the border between our nation and the violent narco-state of Mexico as a military necessity.

We know, from personal observation, that even with the buildup of CPB and the addition of military support assets, that there are still large sections of the border that are very sparsely patrolled by CBP, making illegal entry in those sectors as easy as ever and in many cases even easier than usual as CPB shifts personnel toward the sectors where the mass caravans are attempting to cross.

Therefore, Oath Keepers is launching “Operation Linebacker” to provide volunteer eyes and ears on the border with Mexico, both in the air and on the ground.

Until a wall, a wall of troops.

And until a wall of troops, a wall of patriot volunteers.


To show our support for such a full scale military deployment, and to help stem the tide of illegal invasion until such a wall of troops is in place, we will be boots on the ground and also in the air along the U.S. side of the border with Mexico.

Our primary mission will be to provide additional eyes and ears, both in the sky and on the ground, to conduct surveillance and to spot and report any suspected illegal infiltration of the U.S. to CBP.

Our secondary mission will be to provide security for border ranches and families who request our protection.


You DO NOT have to be an Oath Keepers member to volunteer, but you will be heavily vetted and you also will be required to undergo a criminal background check.

IN THE AIR: Volunteer pilots needed!

We need volunteer pilots with access to aircraft (fixed wing or rotary) who can fly over border area land. Again, you don’t need to be an Oath Keepers member, just a dedicated patriot pilot. Nor do you need to be prior military or LEO. If you are a licensed pilot and have access to aircraft, you are urged to volunteer. We will provide the aviation fuel.

CLICK HERE to donate to help supply our pilots with fuel.

We already have some awesome volunteer pilots who have stepped up but we need more, and we need pilots in each of the border states (CA, AZ, NM, TX).

If you are a pilot who can fly in any of those states, please fill out this form.

Non-pilots who have FLIR, night vision gear, or high quality cameras suitable to air observation who are willing to fly in passenger seats as observers are also encouraged to volunteer. We will train you in observation. Likewise for anyone with training in observation/reconnaissance. Please volunteer to be an observer.

We will coordinate our observation flights with CBP and other relevant government personnel. This will be coordinated by military veteran pilots with considerable experience in joint ground/air operations.


If you own and operate a drone, we need you! Like aircraft observation, drones are a huge force multiplier for border observation spot and report operations. Drones also allow us to observe with less risk to our ground personnel.

Please volunteer by filling out this form.


We need boots on the ground as well. Mission is the same: spot and report to CBP. We will be posting up in areas where the CBP presence is light, and/or on private property with written permission from the land owner.

Mission is ONLY to be additional eyes and ears to spot and report to CBP. We will NOT be engaged in detention of illegal aliens. Again, the mission is to observe and report ONLY, providing additional eyes and ears for CBP. The only possible exception to that rule will be where we have been asked by a ranch owner to protect the owners and their family as well as their family home from cartel/illegal violence, or if you or another person in your presence is attacked. Clearly you always have the right to lawful self defense and defense of others, but that is only in extreme circumstances when lives are in danger. Otherwise, mission is to only spot and report and let CBP do the rest.

NOTE: We already have land owners who have agreed to let us onto their land for boots on the ground border operations.

For boots on the ground, we prefer that you be prior law enforcement or military with appropriate training for such ground surveillance operations from both vehicles and on foot.
We may make exceptions to that rule depending on your training and experience (such as verifiable prior border observation experience). But whatever your background, expect to be heavily vetted and to have to undergo a criminal background check. We want only cool- headed professionals who can remain calm under pressure.

NOTE: We cannot use anyone with any kind of a criminal record, including misdemeanors (other than run of the mill traffic violations), nor do we want white nationalists or anyone else who discriminates on racial lines. This isn’t about race. It’s about national sovereignty, prevention of cartel human rights violations and violence/terrorism, and the preservation of our republican form of government.

To volunteer, fill out this form.

Our goal is to coordinate closely and carefully with CBP and military support personnel so that we don’t get in their way or interfere with their operations in any way while providing additional eyes and ears to help them by providing accurate, relevant, and timely information on suspected illegal incursion onto U.S. soil from Mexico. We will always focus our efforts where CBP is not or where their coverage is most sparse. This is a serious and potentially dangerous operation, but we are honor bound to do what we can to help secure our border.

If you can help, please fill out this form. If you can’t help in person, please donate to support those who can. Many hands make light work.

CLICK HERE to donate to Operation Linebacker.

In addition to these border operations, we will be coordinating with other groups to hold protests/support rallies on or near the border as well as in Washington D.C. in support of President Trump ordering a full military deployment and calling for Congress to fund an effective border wall/surveillance and security system. Stay tuned for announcements on those events (which anyone can participate in).

Let’s do all we can to help secure our borders and turn the tide.

For the Republic,
Oath Keepers

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