New England Suffering under the Opioid Epidemic by Drugs flowing Across the Southern Border with Illegal Migrants and the Help of China
Citizen Kane | Thursday, October 11, 2018 -- 5:10 PM EDT
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Repeatedly, the largest busts of the illegal drug fentanyl are found to be carried out by people here illegally and who have been previously deported. Read about how these trends are the symptoms of bigger problems like the pharmaceutical giants' lobby against marijuana as well divisive forces leveraging whole countries to divide and destroy America and the principles and ideals it represents.

Dozens were arrested in relation to a massive drug trafficking bust on Thursday Oct. 4, 2018 in the greater Lawrence area, which seized more than 30 Kilos of the drug 'fentanyl'.

Many of those who were arrested were in the country illegally. The bust was the result of a cooperative effort between various federal agencies, including Homeland Security, the FBI, and the DEA.

"Lawrence is a clearinghouse for illegal drugs pouring into New Hampshire and Maine," U.S. Attorney Andrew E. Lelling told reporters at a press briefing Thursday morning at the federal courthouse in Boston. "Unfortunately, the city has become a source, a transit point, for large amounts of drugs going not only into neighboring towns, but elsewhere in New England."

The Insanity of Leftist Virtue Signaling Politicians Covering for Criminals

The bust on Thursday is just the latest in a string of busts in the same area and for the same drug, and by the same people: illegal immigrants.

In February, earlier this year, authoritues seized over 30 pounds of the deadly drug from a network connected to the Mexican Sinaloa Cartel.

“Individuals who buy and sell at this level aren’t users,” District Attorney Daniel Conley said following the bust in February. “They’re not small-time dealers, either. They’re certainly not selling to support a habit. They’re trafficking in addictive substances that claim more lives in Massachusetts than all homicides, all suicides, and all car crashes, statewide, combined."

In May of 2017, authorities again busted a massive fentanyl trafficking network operating in Lawrence.

It should be made clear that Fentanyl isn't just any drug. It is a biological weapon of mass destruction.

“If anything can be likened to a weapon of mass destruction in what it does to a community, it’s fentanyl,” said Michael J. Ferguson, special agent in charge of the DEA’s New England Field Division. “It can kill you if you inject it in your arm, breathe it in the air, or touch it with your skin.”

“One defendant even bragged about having been deported several times and discussed the wealth he amassed in the Dominican Republic, including businesses and homes,” U.S Attorney William Weinreb said about the bust in May of 2017.

In February of 2017 there was yet another bust of a massive fentanyl trafficking ring.

In June of 2015 there was another fentanyl bust in Lawrence. An official told the Boston Globe that the main defendent "has illegally reentered the United States after a previous removal or return at least once."

“The problem is much bigger than any one case, and I think we’ve said we’re not going to arrest our way out of the heroin and opiate problem,” State Police Colonel Timothy Alben said.

Massachusetts and the greater New England area is among the regions in the United States hit hardest by the opioid epidemic, where, as recently as August of 2018, fentanyl has been found to be discovered with 90% of opioid overdose deaths.

Fentanyl is the artificial, manufactured drug that is causing many of the overdoses and despite the tens of thousands of deaths, anually, major cities like Boston maintain their 'Sanctuary City' status and not only aid and abed such atrocities by harboring such criminals and refusing to enforce the laws, as we saw in Portland with the ICE office occupation, but in some cases actively work to undermine the Federal and State Authorities working to protect Americans from these criminals, who are in many cases repeated violent offenders.

In a popular case that shows you how the drug is being used to terrorize Americans, after the dust settled following the deadly Charlottesville riots, we find out that the Police stood down because of threats of the use of Fentanyl against police from the terrorist group known as Antifa.

The Invisible Red Hand

The drug is manufactured largely in China, leaving many to speculate about the nature of the opioid epidemic slamming the US.

“This stuff is unbelievably potent. It is so powerful that even a tiny amount can kill you,” DEA spokesman Rusty Payne tells FOX Business. “China is by far the most significant manufacturer of illicit designer synthetic drugs. There is so much manufacturing of new drugs, [it’s] amazing what is coming out of China. Hundreds of [versions], including synthetic fentanyl and fentanyl-based compounds.”

Indeed it is amazing what is coming out of China. The clearly toxic, harmful drug passed off as medication is coming from China in many ways, not just through Pharmaceutical giants.

The following is an excerpt from a report from the Guardian titled "Pills that kill: why are thousands dying from fentanyl abuse?" detailing how China is also funneling the bio-weapon into the US through the same networks and corridors used by Hezbollah for their illicit activities and attempts to undermine the US; networks and corridors that the Obama administration protected with its Iran deal:

The DEA is tightlipped about the investigation into the Sacramento deaths as its agents work on persuading Dossman to lead them to her suppliers. But it is likely she was getting the pills from Mexican cartels using ingredients from labs in China where production of fentanyl’s ingredients is legal.

Carreno said some Mexican cartels have long relationships with legitimate Chinese firms which for years supplied precursor chemicals to make meth amphetamine.

Packages of fentanyl are often moved between multiple freight handlers so their origins are hard to trace. Larger shipments are smuggled in shipping containers. Last year, six Chinese customs officials fell ill, one of them into a coma, after seizing 72kg of various types of fentanyl from a container destined for Mexico.

The Lobby Against Marijuana Hobby

The trends concerning the Opioid epidemic are especially dangerous given the cultural shift in regards to marijuana use medically and recreationally, which is becoming more popular following the publication of numerous scientific studies researching the medical applications of marijuana.

The trend of marijuana use becoming more prevalent is dangerous because widespread laws outlawing marijuana recreationally or medically forces those seeking marijuana to be rellegated to backdoor dealings with people who are more likely to be affiliated with networks trafficking more dangerous drugs like fentanyl. This is a clear and present danger when we see reports that illegal marijuana laced with fentanyl is becoming more prevalent.

Coincidentally, laws throughout much of the country making marijuana illegal are in place largely because of the lobby from the same pharmaceutical industry that is making trillions off of drugs like fentanyl and spending billions in the lobby effort to maintaining those earnings.

This is because conclusive studies have been conducted that prove marijuana lowers perscription drug use and can actually be used to treat opiate addiction.

Insys is one of the pharmaceutical giants who manufactures fentanyl and is actively working to undermine marijuana legalization efforts throughout the country.

According to a report from the Washington Post's Christopher Ingraham titled 'A maker of deadly painkillers is bankrolling the opposition to legal marijuana in Arizona', Insys is responsible for "more than one-third of all money raised" by the group opposing legalization in Arizona.

"Insys has developed a drug based on a synthetic version of marijuana's active ingredient, THC," writes Ingraham detailing yet another product they sell thats market share would decrease if people were allowed to grow and use marijuana. "Called Syndros, the drug was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in July for treatment of AIDS and cancer patients' symptoms."

This is the same Insys that is bringning in synthetic marijuana from countries like China that is causing an epidemic of overdoses in places like New York City. If those who overdose survive, they can suffer permanent life altering damage from the episode.

"Law enforcement is particularly concerned about K2 because of its unpredictability – approximately 98% of synthetic cannabinoid comes into the US from China, according to the DEA taskforce on synthetics," writes the Guardian's Amanda Holpuch.

Of course the regulatory agencies responsible for protecting Americans from consuming dangerous products such as these so as to keep Americans healthy, are often found to be working in direct opposition to that purpose, as we can see here with the case of Fentanyl and marijuana. We need look no further than the case of the Center for Disease Control's cover-up of the harmful effects of the MMR vaccine.

Of course, at the same time enormous multinationals like Bayer are attempting to take over the marijuana industry as they have the agricultural industry and other industries that produce products people consume, which many fear might be causing lasting damage to the population and thus western civilization.

Questionable Allegiances

So on top of dealing with multi billiondollar conglomerates looking to maximize profits and corrupting the regulatory agencies meant to protect us or foreign countries with a disdain for America, we are doing battle with crazed politicians who are motivated either by the same greed, or disdain for America when they virtue signal their righteousness while protecting such criminals. What is for certain is that they don't have Americans' best interests at heart.

According to the report from Newburyport News concerning the most recent Fentanyl bust:

Tom Lyons, acting field office director of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Boston division, said criminal networks dismantled as part of the most recent investigation were run by a "subset of criminal aliens" who were previously deported or are living in the country illegally. Some of them had even been granted permanent resident status.

Lyons also took a veiled shot at Lawrence's "sanctuary city" policies, which limit cooperation with federal immigration officials seeking individuals residing there illegally. He told reporters the investigation revealed that "criminal aliens have embedded themselves in the community" and have "hidden in plain sight for too long, with impunity."

"If local and state leaders want to combat the opioid problem, they need to be serious about routing out the foreign nexus to the problem," he said. "No sanctuary should be given to a criminal alien who is taking part in hurting the youth of New England."

Lawrence Mayor Dan Rivera didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

According to a Boston Globe report on the May 2017 bust, the traffickers seemed pleased by the death and misery they were causing throughout New England:

One of the defendants, Ramon Gonzalez Nival, 40, a Dominican Republic national who was living in Lawrence, could be heard laughing in a recorded phone conversation and saying, “a friend of mine told me that the blue one is good, but it kills a lot of people.”

“They have no regard for the safety and well-being of those they sell and distribute to,” said Ferguson, of the DEA. “Those arrested this morning need to be held accountable for their actions, because they have chosen to distribute this poison and profit from the misery they spread.”

"Make Americans Healthy Again" Meets Fake News

In an op-ed he published on USA Today earlier this week President Trump put forth his latest effort to solve the issues cited by the previous Administration when justifying their attempts to socialize medicine.

The Trump administration is hoping to do this by protecting consumers against predatory practices carried out by the perscription drug and health insurance industries, which have seen major profits amid the opioid crisis. His administration hopes to accomplish this by removing the regulations that disadvantaged consumers.

"As a candidate, I promised that we would protect coverage for patients with pre-existing conditions and create new health care insurance options that would lower premiums," Trump wrote. "I have kept that promise, and we are now seeing health insurance premiums coming down."

Despite the clear reference to facts in his Op-ed, such as various clauses in legislation and statistics and data gathered from no partisan entitties, Trump's efforts and his Op-ed has been derided by the very mainstream media that often acts as the PR wing of industries of such industries and aforementioned multinationals which have clearly not been a fan of Trump's America first agenda.

LA Times: "Trump's USA Today op-ed on Medicare is full of lies — and USA Today should not have published it"

Time: "Trump's Health Care Op-Ed Really Made Jimmy Kimmel Mad"

Huffington Post: "Wildly Inaccurate Trump Op-Ed On Health Care Receives Swift Backlash"

Washington Post: "Fact-checking President Trump’s USA Today op-ed on ‘Medicare-for-All’"; The Lead for the Post Article: "President Trump wrote an opinion article for USA Today on Oct. 10 regarding proposals to expand Medicare to all Americans — known as Medicare-for-All — in which almost every sentence contained a misleading statement or a falsehood."

CNN: "Trump's outlandish op-ed has a silver lining for Democrats"

ABC: "Fact Check Friday: Trump unplugged and untrue, from his Medicare op-ed to 'Da Nang Dick' to Saudi arms sales"

NBC: "Fact check: What Trump gets wrong in his health care op-ed"; The Lead: "In an opinion article for USA Today, the president mischaracterized his own record on pre-existing conditions — among other things."

If only the mainstream media was always so vigilant about mischarecterizaations as they are when someone is explicitly stating their opinion and stance on policy.

It's also important to note that these articles were all the top search results from "Trump op-ed," consistent with what some of us are aware of concerning the nature of the tech multinationals.

Red Dawn

Despite what politicians and pundits posing as journalists might try to dismiss as partisan attacks - gaslighting the public - among those who prefer to deal with objectivity, the criticisms of the failures of Obamacare and 'Medicare-for-All' are well established facts, and in a country that is still recovering from an economic recession, would be sure to cripple the country. It was apparent to many what the result of Obamacare would be, leaving many to wonder if this was in fact the purpose.

“I’m sure that Obama knew—and economists around him knew—that this program, the Affordable Care Act, would not control costs,” Professor Gerald Friedman, a member of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), told Accuracy in Academia's Cliff Kincaid. in a 2016 interview. "

“Our goal as socialists is to abolish private ownership of the means of production,” DSA National Political Committee member David Green has written, reports Kincaid.

As Trump's Department of Justice begins to crackdown on predatory behavior in industries like the pharmaceutical industry, as seen by the arrests of prominent pharmaceutical executives like Insys' John N. Kapoor, Trump's war on the 'Opioid Epidemic' appears to fill out his broader "America First" geo-political strategy that looks to maintain a healthy populace, encompasses border security, and calling out and putting an end to China's predatory practices.

With rumor swirling on the hill that the adminstration is looking to move on marijuana law reform after the midterms, it appears the adminstration isn't an adminstration of clever platitudes and cloak and dagger policy.

The irrational criticism and 'backlash' of these initiatives taken by the President are revealing a darker, Anti-American, anti-freedom agenda more concerned with imposing a kind of corporate neo-feudal society rather than solving problems. This is clearly being done by paying lip service to democracy for votes while continuously proposing and implementing draconian social controls that amount to the wholesale looting of the fundamental right for people to reap the rewards of their labor under the guise of serving the many but funneling the stolen wealth to an annointed few, eroding the fabric of freedom and America.

You know, that whole slavery thing we fought a war over a while back?

"Next, the Democrats would eliminate every American’s private and employer-based health plan. It is right there in their proposed legislation: Democrats outlaw private health plans that offer the same benefits as the government plan," Trump wrote in his op-ed. "The truth is that the centrist Democratic Party is dead. The new Democrats are radical socialists who want to model America’s economy after Venezuela."

Shortly after Obama's first Presidential election win in 2008 the Democratic Socialists of America published an article listing all the members in their Caucus. Many of the members are still in congress today.

As Citizens' Dawn has published in a previous article, the Democrats are vastly becoming the "Party of Antifa Communists and Jihad" who are actively working with the Communist Chinese to undermine the US, endorsing Antifa, embracing Jihad, and filled with people who are, or were at one time, openly Communist, as is the case with Democrat Senator Chris Coons.

Under Obama, who himself has plenty of ties to parties who are inherently anti-American, both the head of the CIA and the FBI, John Brennan and James Comey, were at least at one point in time open Communists.

FBI whistleblowers have even pointed out that Brennan has sworn allegiance to Islam.

Looking to the infiltration of America's education institutions in combination with all of the other assaults on different fronts, it's clear that multi-faceted "21st century warfare" has been weaponized against Americans who had, up until this point, been largely unaware of the ongoing attacks that have been masked by K Street, hand in glove gerry mandering and effective smoke screening by the press.

China knows exactly what they are doing, flooding America with these drugs that are softening the country up for takeover.

The National Interest's Sebastian Roblin demonstrates this fact very pointedly in his report titled "The War That Made Asia: How the Opium War Crushed China":

It’s hard to over-emphasize the impact of the Opium Wars on modern China. Domestically, it’s led to the ultimate collapse of the centuries-old Qing Dynasty, and with it more than two millennia of dynastic rule. It convinced China that it had to modernize and industrialize.

Today, the First Opium War is taught in Chinese schools as being the beginning of the “Century of Humiliation” — the end of that “century” coming in 1949 with the reunification of China under Mao. While Americans are routinely assured they are exceptional and the greatest country on Earth by their politicians, Chinese schools teach students that their country was humiliated by greedy and technologically superior Western imperialists.

It's now more clear than ever, corporations looking to profit off of the division of the US and the disenfranchisement of its citizens do this while acting as foreign agents of countries looking to do the same.

Discerning Americans must be vigilant and dedicated to raising the alarm to the plight of Americans in the dawn of this new era of clear bias in political discourse perpetuateed by Politicians with questionable allegiances and by the few major, multi-national media/social media conglomerates.

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