Murray: Open borders NGOs "took it upon themselves to weaken the borders of Europe"
Westmonster | Wednesday, June 20, 2018 -- 5:25 PM EDT
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The truth about the agenda behind open borders is the destabilization of the west to destroy its institutions, such as Christianity, and cohesion and ripen it up for multi-nationals to pillage the resources and wealth of the west.

***Article first published by 'Westmonster' on June 20, 2018***

ournalist and author Douglas Murray has hit out at open-Border NGOs, branding them “extremists” who have taken it upon themselves to “weaken Europe’s borders”.

Speaking to French newspaper Le Figaro, Murray says incidents such as the Aquarius scandal “are largely favoured by open-borders NGOs” who are “run by people who are true extremists”.

“They distribute information to migrants and potential migrants to help them bypass existing rules and explain how to stay in Europe permanently.”

Murray, who released a book last year entitled ‘The Strange Death of Europe’, said NGOs “believe that the world should not have borders. That borders are racist. That borders cause all the problems of the world. They took it upon themselves to weaken the borders of Europe.”

“Who gave these groups the right to dictate the future of our continent? Who allowed them to be our moral arbitrators? Or to decide our societal future in the short and long-term?”

When asked his thoughts on the Aquarius scandal, which saw a boat carrying over 600 migrants turned away from Italy after Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, said: “From today, Italy will also start to say no to human trafficking, no to the business of illegal immigration,” Murray replied: “Remarkable to see the same madness that I describe in my book perpetuate itself.”

“On our continent, no one seems to want to learn any lesson or think otherwise than in the shortest terms.

“Does anyone really think that once Spain has welcomed the 600 or so people of Aquarius, the problem will be solved?

“In reality, what is our policy? That someone who rides on a boat can go to Europe? That someone who arrives this way in Europe has the right to stay there? Obviously, this is our current policy. And it is untenable.”

Murray also hit out at the hypocritical French President, Emmanuel Macron.

“If the French president is so much in favour of the arrival of migrants in Italy, why is he forcing Italy to bear the brunt and to keep migrants at home? Why does it not open the borders of France and allow thousands of illegal migrants to enter France?”

Looking to the future, Murray warns that “people need to realise is that all demographic forecasts in Africa suggest that the number of people who will try to enter Europe in the coming years will be much larger than today.

“That’s why I say that if we can not maintain our laws and our borders now, then we have no chance to resist.”

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