Mayor Exploits Tragedy to Shut Down Political Opponents; Sinister Pattern Emerges in Amerika
Citizen Kane | Sunday, August 5, 2018 -- 11:01 PM EDT
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Some more extreme intimidation tactics employed by Democrats utilizing the Hegelian Dialectic to manage the population and shut down political rivals.

The 'Proud Boys' organization has come to prominence as a group that doesn't shy away from physical confrontation with groups like Antifa.

Antifa has made a name for themselves for violently assaulting and intimidating Trump supporters at conservative rallies throughout the 2016 Presidential election, assaults which have continued to this day.

Proud Boys has most recently been the target of an Antifa style slander campaign designed to shut down the promotion of their political beliefs, which have nothing to do with the Nazi ideology and are entirely centered around Americanism.

Proud Boys describes themselves as “Western chauvinists who refuse to apologize for creating the modern world” and as a group which "includes all races, religions, and sexual preferences."

That didn't matter to the Oakland Mayor who in effect incited and directed a violent mob to descend on innocent people when, after the murder of Nia Wilson, the Mayor falsely claimed that the people at a restaurant were not only white supremeacists who intended to disrupt Wilson's vigil, but that they were members of a group with 'racist views' that had connections to the groups at the Charlottesville protests.

The notion was later seconded by unabashed race pimp Tariq Nasheed and Twitter activist Lauren Wheeler, who is followed by former President Barrack Obama.

As indpendent journalist Tim Pool later reported in a vlog entry titled "False Accusations Got Innocent People Attacked in Oakland," the Proud Boys have openly denied the accusations about the nature of their group, that the alleged murderer was a member of the Proud Boys, and that they were planning on even hosting a meetup at all.

"Why would we host a meet up on a Monday," the organization said, citing the start of the work week. They would later issue a statement about the protests on Twitter announcing the cancellation of the rally they had planned on attending at Berkeley over fears of another Charlottesville scenario devloping and being spun by the media saying:

"The media is setting up the Berkeley Rally on Aug 5th to be #ProudBoys vs #NiaWilson. They'll probably continue to do so. We removing ourselves from the scenario and hope everyone can get back to focusing on Nia.

So to recap, the left successfully made libelous, slanderous statments with the goal of creating a mob to shut down a political rally.

'Resist Marxism' is a group that is no stranger to the violent intimidation from groups like Antifa, which operate under the premise that if you label someone a Nazi you have the right to prememptively attack them and shut down their speech on the basis that their speech is a 'micro aggression.'

This a concept championed by Mark Bray, author of "The Anti-Fascist Handbook," who has outlined this exact strategy before, as he did in an interview with MSNBC's Chuck Todd.

The obvious flaws of this argument have appeared to ellude MSM, far-Left activists masquerading as Journalists such as Todd, though it is in keeping with the "witch hunt," mob mentality that has been embraced by the media as of late.

Resist Marxism faced this with their rally in August of 2017 after Boston Mayor Marty Walsh labeled the group 'Nazis,' which prompted tens of thousands of angry, counterprotestors out for blood to take to the streets and ultimatly shut down their event.

Antifa just recently imposed the same strategy at another Resist Marxism event in Providence, RI, which wound up being shut down by Rhode Island Police after the police failed to keep the antagonizing mob from destroying Resist Marxism's equipment, so that the rally's attendees could refute the same slanderous accusations over the boisterous crowd that had shown up to protest "Nazis."

Indpendent candidate for Congress, and challenger to the party presently in power, Daniel J. Guilmette, was unable to exercise his first amendment rights and explain his platform to potential voters.

The same thing happened in Berkley, in Charlottesville, in San Jose, in Portland, and now in Oakland, where the Mayor again promoted innacurate, slanderous labels that wound up getting an innocent man savagely beaten by a mob.

This is the kind of behavior you see in third world, communist dictatorships that are designed to shut down political rivals so that they may continue to execute an authoritarian agenda. Needless to say, it's very un-democratic and completely contrary to the American principles that have made America into the great country we enjoy today.

This is in keeping with the behavior encouraged by Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), who recently instructed her supporters to form a mob and get in the face of her political opponents.

“You get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on them. And you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere,” Waters said.

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) came under fire for tweeting out an image of himself holding the aforementioned 'Antifa Handbook' and implied that it is a tool to be used to intimidate his political opponents.

Ellison is the second in command for the Democrat party. Ellison is also has ties to Muslim extremeists, despite is blatantly dishonest denials.

Ellison is second to Tom Perez, who is the Democrat Party Chiar and who has publicly stated that Ocasio Cortez is "the future of the party"; the woman from New York who lied about where she grew up to get elected and touts "socialism" as the solution to everything.

Big surprise: Cortez and Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) rushed to support Abul El-Sayed in his Gubenatorial race in Michigan!

Another big surprise: Sayed has been exposed by Laura Loomer to be a standard, un-assimilated, Taqiya practicing, and Sharia law advocate waging Jihad on America.

Are you seeing a pattern?

Just this week police arrested a gang of Muslim extremists living in New Mexico who were involved in human trafficking and were training small children to be school shooters.

Consistent with what appears to be a generally accepted policy among the mainstream media, the fact that these men and women were Muslims gets buried; the Jihadist's behavior is immediately disregarded as a 'mental disorder', yet there is no critical analysis of how this mental disorder developed.

Is it a chemical imbalance? Is it drugs? Is it mind control? Is it any combination of these things? Doesn't matter. Just disarm people from being able to defend themselves and dismiss any objective analysis as racism or the result of some phobia, because who actually wants to solve problems?!

Oh, and on the off chance one of these people committing these atrocities happens to be white or with a Christian upbringing, or believe in the Constitution or America for that matter, THEN you can report their race; THEN it is an act of institutional racism; THEN we can start to postulate absurd, incendiary hypotheses without having to even bother trying to prove them.

What certainly won't get reported is the fact that one of the men running the 'camp' was the son of Linda Sarsour's mentor and 'favorite person:' Siraj Wahhaj.

Wahhaj is a un-indicted co-conspirator in the 1993 Wolrd Trade Center Bombing and has said that "It's my duty, and our duty, as Muslims to replace the US Constitution with the Koran."

Who is Linda Sarsour?

The media, in all of their wall to wall coverage of the "massive, enormous, gargantuen" "Women's March" protests during the Presidential inauguration never once included the fact that the lead organizer was none other than Linda Sarsour, the woman with ties to the terrorist organization 'Hamas'; the woman who worked to get the NYPD and the FBI to stop doing investigative work into Muslim extremists and was to purge their training manuals of how to do such work.

This is the same march which attempted to brand the Islamic hijab a symbol of women's empowerment with the 'mascott' for the march being a woman in a hijab!

It's worth noting that in many countries throughout the world, where Sharia law is the law of the land, women are considered property and are forced to cover themselves with a hijab, and if they dont, they are beaten, or worse.

This kind of Orwellian doublespeak is mirrored throughout the media.

The Communist Jihad Rule of Social Media

The Saudi Crown Prince, who once announced that he will "end extremism" following the Vegas Shooting - which many have indicated had Saudi involvement - has made other questionable proclamations recently concerning "Producing and distributing content that ridicules, mocks, provokes and disrupts public order, religious values and public morals through social media," consistent with attempts by the Kingdom to censor and even criminalize criticism of Islam in countries throughout the EU and even the in the US, while posturing some kind of humanitarian visage.

Saudi Arabia has been joined by Communist China which stands in solidarity with such sentiments, as is best exemplified in a statement Chinese President Xi Jinping gave when he said that the internet "must be clean and righteous."

This is particularly Orwellian with even the crudest understanding of the nature of Sharia law and where Human rights stand within the Kingdom and a cursory examination of the long list of human rights abuses in Communist China that are underway to this day, whether it's mobile execution vans or state run organ harvesting operations.

It becomes even more heinous and Orwellian when you see that these countries head and sit on the UN Human Rights Council and are using the institution as a point of leverage to project influence rather than promote the humane treatment of human beings.

In recent days we've seen these kinds of initiatives manifesting with the censorship of conservatives on social media platforms, often under the guise of violating "terms of service" and usually in regards to subjective terms like 'hate speech.'

This while the mainstream media not only ignores the un-American draconian measures being imposed on Americans via multinational corporations at the behest of foreign powers, but outright denies it and works to cover it up.

Is it coincidental that the only group of people - pro-western values conservatives such as the "Proud Boys" - who seem to be taking a concrete stance to open borders policies shown by slogans such as 'abolish ice' and anti-American sentiments pushed by elitists masquerading as humanitarian "globalists" plundering human technological advancements and resources through their corporate multi-nationals, are the people who are consistently demonized by the media?

High profile members of the Democrat party and champions of the left are consistently calling for the aforementioned censorship.

This, at the same time that the drama that Trump is a racist or some Nazi who has come to kill off minorities, and who is coming for the First Amendment is continually pushed by the media.

This is perfectly consistent with the Orwellian nightmare that has been created by the Comunist Jihad that has evidently wormed its way into US media by attempting to exploit the US' freedom, while choking out competition on the internet through the Silcon Valley monopolies.

As white House Press Secretary Sara Sanders pointed out in a White House Press breifing in response to CNN drama star Jim Acosta's request that the whitehouse cease referring to the press as "the enemy of the American people," "The media continues to ratchet up the verbal assault against the President and everyone in this administration, and certainly we have a role to play, but the media has a role to play for the discourse in this country as well."

Trump would later chime in on the drama via twitter to correct the record, clarifying that neither he nor his daughter Ivanka, ever said that the media is the enemy of the American people:

"They asked my daughter Ivanka whether or not the media is the enemy of the people. She correctly said no. It is the FAKE NEWS, which is a large percentage of the media, that is the enemy of the people!"

But the drama majors turned Journalists would continue their ploy, which clearly is to manipulate perception rather than talk about solutions facing the world.

Jim Acosta wound up storming out of the White House press briefing early after Sara Sanders refused to say what Acosta wanted her to say; afterwards, he felt "like he wasn't in America anymore after being Acosta'd... accosted at the last Trump rally.

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) even tried to say that the people who label what they are trying to do as 'identity politics' are attempting to divide people.

"How dare he attack them for doing things like misconstruing his words when he condemned violence on "many sides" at Charlottesville!? How dare he defend the people who were originally showing up to protest the removial of monuments."

"How dare he call gang members bringing over drugs responsible for killing millions of Americans, gang members who are raping and murdering innocent people, animals. He's calling all Mexicans animals!"

These are the people who are supposed to be reporting the truth, but they are willingly regurgitating idiotic, clearly false statements made by the political opposition leadership, which are designed to take advantage of the ill-informed and exacerbate already existing racial tensions.

The irony is that Hillary Clinton herself referred to fake news as a threat to our democracray. By that she just meant the news that isn't favorable to her, and that line of thinking has been consistent with her former boss, who originally really gave the 'fake news' hysteria momentum as he did when he was even more ironically dismissing the notion that Russia could influence our elections or when he constantly attacked Fox News and some of its anchors as well as spied on members of the press.

But I think even the casual observer can put together what's happening here when presented with all of the information: there is an attempt to associate news that is critical of the agenda of the elites as fake news or foreign propaganda. In other words, there is a selective outrage about fake news when it isn't the Clintons' personal PR team. For example; the news that doesn't give her the questions before presidential debate.

So, as the monuments to a bygone era of an industry and complex that has been most fundamentally transformed by the information age struggle to adapt and are propped up by any ambitious foreign investors or multinational conglomerates looking to capitalize on the last vestiges of institutions holding on for dear life - or maybe even sew a little domestic discord within the borders of their American adversary - we have seen the type of propaganda disparaging a nationalist President whose policies would, for the most part, otherwise be unanimously agreeable.

We've found that there is big money behind these groups of 'professional shit throwers.'

"They are separating babies from their mothers and putting them in concentration camps! Trump is a Nazi! It's the next holocaust!"

The significant difference here is that the only tangible stifling of the press has been toward conservatives on social media.

The people who ARE being hurt by rhetoric billed as News that is indeed fake or deliberatly misleading ARE the American people, and for what? Supporting American principles such as the Second Amendment enshrined in the Constitution and having a border?

People are actually dying, whether it's in Charlottesville, whether its through the human and drug trafficking fueled by a porous border and ineffective immigration laws, or the "Trump free zone" of sanctuary cities.

But, how dare us plebians question the 'Ministry of Truth!'

And through all of this, people like Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf have the gall to do things like accuse people of disisrespecting a vigil meant to honor the memory of someone whose life was cut tragically short for political purposes of manipulating optics and facilitating violent conflict. Par for the course for people who think they can justify the sacrifice of other people's lives "for the revolution."

What were once news outlets, have become platforms for spewing baseless rage that serves no other purpose than to create civil unrest, rather than platforms to inform and foster constructive discourse fundamental to a healthy Republic.

As law and order seem to continue to go by the wayside, as we've seen in the verdict of violent assaults in cities like Berkley encouraging similar future behavior, it's to be expected that these kinds of scenes won't be going away any time soon. The question is, how many Nia Wilson's will be enough to satiate the appetite of a gluttonous Communist machine? Make no mistake that this is what is now unfolding.

Stay behind networks from Soviet Era spy operations appear to still be operating as if the "evil empire" never collapsed, and they've instead chosen a new torch bearer in the Communist Chinese Party while at the same time attempting to exacerbate another global conflict with their old standard bearer.

As publishers like Buzzfeed publish pieces glorifying blood thirsty tyrants like Che Gueverra, while also publishing videos to persuade people to disregard any news they get on the internet that isn't from 'the trusted' news sources, so as to avoid descending into a "dystopian" nightmare, it looks like this Orwellian nightmare isn't ending any time soon.

Welcome to Amerika.

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