Jack Posobiec points out stunning Connection in the Russia Gate Scandal and Uranium One; Witch Hunt Revealed
Citizen Kane | Friday, November 30, 2018 -- 1:33 PM EST
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The collapse of the USSR could never have collapsed the sprawling network that had permeated throughout much of the globe and behind enemy lines in the west.

On Friday Nov. 30, 2018, One America News' Jack Posobiec made an alarming connection on twitter following the story breaking that the FBI had sent sixteen agents to raid the house of a Uranium One whistleblower to seize documents pertaining to his whistleblower's case.

The connection he points out is that Alexander Downer, a "good friend of the Clinton Foundation" and foreign minister for Australia at the time of the Uranium One deal in question, signed a similar deal for Australia.

Why this is is important is because it is none other than Alexander Downer who is at the center of the "Russia Gate/Spy Gate" spying scandal cooked up by the Obama administration.

The scandal is that Obama administration officials - at the direction of the White House - colluded with foreign agents to cook up intelligence that could be used to frame, entrap, and spy on the Trump campaign and further used to justify the appointment of the Mueller Special Counsel by Rosenstein and help carry out the admitted plot to overthrow the Democratically Elected President of the Unites States of America.

To top it all off, the FBI continued down this course of compromising the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) - one of the most crucial tools at the US' disposal in the fight against its enemies - in spite of the fact that the FBI already had evidence that would discredit such intelligence.

This was the same case when the FBI presented to the FISC "other evidence," which it knew was from the same phony source, along with ommitting other pertintent information about it being opposition research paid for by the DNC and the various conflicts of interest in its procurement and presentation concerning Bruce and Nehlie Ohr of the DOJ and Fusion GPS, respectively.

Remember, this was all done to manipulate Congress into appointing a special counsel by making it appear as though there were multiple sources and not a reliance on the infamous Steele Dossier, when there was in fact such a reliance.

So, when Comey said it was his understanding that the justification for the FISA warrants to spy on (entrap) the Trump Campaign was "based on a broader mosaic of facts," he meant the facts that he knew he and his compadres cooked up!

No wonder he only wants to do interviews where he can lie without consequence, though testifying before congress has never prevented Deepstate shills from lying before. I guess lying is allowed, that is so long as you are in "the party."

Need proof? Look at the case of General Micahel Flynn and the criminal dishonesty that led to creating great hardships for an innocent man.

Keep in mind that all of this was going on while they were doing everything they could to obstruct investigations into crimes concerning Hillary Clinton's server and the Clinton Foundation.

As highlighted by the report titled "BOMBSHELL: High Level Democrats were at the Same Hospital as Seth Rich when he 'Died,'" the formation of the special counsel was mostly predicated on the hoax of 'Russian hacking' and to investigate the extent of Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Now, seeing that they have done nothing about Hillary Clinton's clear collusion with Russians and others, people on the left such as Alan Dershowitz, who still believe in America and the rule of law and order, are begining to doubt the legitimacy of the Special Counsel.

But for many these recent developments come as no surprise after learning of Mueller's own conflicts of interest - such as his Russian and Soros hedgefund investments and the lead prosecutor being Hillary Clinton's personal lawyer - and after his past misdeeds such as the cover up of high-level espionage and the theft of stealth defense technology have been revealed.

It's clear that the Mueller Special Counsel is not a bid to investigate Russian interference, nor is it an attempt to quell unrest and give the people some peace of mind following what were numerous disinformation operations designed to cause unrest in the United States following Trump's 2016 win. It's clear that Mueller's Special counsel is a Deepstate operation to cover up their own crimes and undermine an American Democratic election.

It's something of a specialty for these people.

When it comes to "Russia Gate," the goal of the Deep State, which more and more is looking to be comprised of communist/jihad sympathizers, is to confuse and distract the public from what is actually going on, such as the invasion of Europe and the promotion of radical Islam in the west, while at the same time dismissing the threat.

They accomplish this with the help of a willing corporate, conglomerate, multinational media apparatus that is all too eager to go along with the agenda of breaking down borders and clearing away some of that red tape that is protecting people from being completely exploited.

This has been done mainly by identity politics and by gaslighting the public and projecting exactly what they are guilty of onto their opponents, as can be seen by the Mueller Special Counsel and the Russian "Witch Hunt" hoax.

We can now see that there is a reason for the President's prolific use of the term "Witch Hunt." It's because, like the play the Crucible describes, the Witch Hunt is concocted by those looking to shift attention away from their own crimes, which in the Crucible was practicing witchcraft.

These gaslighting tactics are really nothing new. However, the Deepstate was banking on the fact that the internet was going to have gone the way of China and the casual observer with the slightest inkling to get to the bottom of their gaslighting, wouldn't be able to because the internet would be under strict authoritarian control and inconvenient speech would be silenced.

In this case, the Deepstate's opponents include Donald Trump and really, America, given that it appears the Deepstate is hedging its bets on an agenda to undermine US National sovereignty and usher in a global communist-jihadist authoritarian state.

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