Communist Chinese Run Venezuela is Ratcheting up Instability in South America; Funding Caravan
Citizen Kane | Thursday, October 25, 2018 -- 3:49 PM EDT
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The Commie Caravan of Jihadists and mal-contents.

The Caravan that grabbed so many headlines and has been found to be inundated with Jihadists and Communists wishing the United States harm, is symptomatic of a greater issue: influence, which has been largly dominated by anti-American sentiment.

The spat - try to act surprised - is between the two largest economies in the world: China and the United States.

The respective motives of the two parties I will leave to you to speculate.

Some background on the issue: earlier this week Vice President Pence revealed that, from his communications with the leaders of different countries in South America, the caravan is the product of different leftist groups organized and funded by Venezuela that is utlizing some of the same networks known to be engaging in human trafficking of sex slaves, children, child sex slaves, Terrorists, drugs, weapons and money with Terrorist groups like Hezbollah to fund murderous campaigns in the Middle East in places like Syria.

Former President Obama was crucial in preserving the operations of these same networks in one of his final acts as President with his signature of the failed Iran deal.

How this ties into the greater, US-China geo-poltical battle being fought is "China is propping up Maduro’s undemocratic and repressive narco-regime" that has failed "to bring long-term benefits to Venezuela," and left the country to collapse while spending more money on military than any other South American country.

The US tensions with Venezuela started escalating when in 2007 - after Maduro's predecessor, Hugo Chavez, decided on his plan to nationalize oil production - ConocoPhillips and Exxon Mobil refused to cede control of their major oil production ventures to the Venezuelan government, which Venezuela did anyways.

This was in turn followed by lawful lawsuits which, in April of 2018, ultimately awarded the companies assets in the Carribean owned by the Venezuelan state-run company PDVSA. This seizure of PDVSA's assets in the Carribean meant the company could not "'comply with all the committed volume for exports' and the Conoco action imperils its ability to ship fuel oil to China or access inventories to be exported from Bonaire."

Later, in September and amidst Trump's ongoing trade dispute with China, China could be found to be floating the collapsing South American country a loan to the tune of $5 Billion dolars.

Trump has been consistent on how he feels about his opponents who he says have become "radical" "open borders" proponents, advocating things like "abolish ICE."

Most recently Trump made a very public speculation about whether the Democrats were among the "leftist groups" referenced by Pence, who were involved with enormous Human Trafficking operation.

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