2A Defenders Rally to Meet David Hogg's Protest at Smith & Wesson, Paid Agitators Expected
Citizen Kane | Saturday, August 25, 2018 -- 10:05 AM EDT
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David Hogg is continuing his 'March for our Lives' by joining in the '50 Miles More' walk to advocate for gun control. The walk will end at the Smith and Wesson facility. Second Amendment defenders have planned to meet them there and have a counter demonstration of their own. Allegedly, agitators have caught wind of the counter demonstration and intend to attempt to subvert their demonstration.

Sunday Aug. 26, 2018 will conclude the '50 Miles More' walk which was slated to advocate for stricter gun control. The organizers, Massachusetts students Vikiana Petit-Homme and Jack Torres, connected with David Hogg to do the 50 mile walk from Worcester to the Smith and Wesson headquarters as an offshoot of the earlier 2018 'March for Our Lives.'

A counter demonstration has been organized that aims to "open a dialogue that will foster a better understanding between all sides" in the debate going forward, according to a Press Release from 'Fight for the First,' the current organizers.

The counter demonstrators claim that there has been activity indicating an attempt to hijack and subvert their counter-demonstration, similar to what happened in Charlottesville when people showing up to protest the removal of historical monuments found their protest hijacked by Obama/Occupy Wallstreet operative Jason Kessler and international man of mystery Richard Spencer's mock KKK rally.

After the Charlottesville protests erupted, of course the media then dwelled on the showy display of tiki torches and khakis that made for great photo ops and less on the arguments more reasonable people had who were showing up to protest the removal of the monuments. It was, in effect, mob intimidation and authoritarian silencing; and the media was all too eager to play along.

CNN's Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo have both attempted to normalize the political violence against Trump supporters by groups like Antifa. They did this after Charlottesville and they did it just recently at the Unite the Right rally in DC. They do it by only framing the poltical, mob violence by groups like Antifa in the context of fighting white supremacy or when the likes of Spencer and Kessler organize a straw man for them, in an effort to gain sympathy for totalitarian measures, as was done by MSNBC's Chuck Todd on Meet the Press with Mark Bray.

Of course groups like Antifa had been violently intimidating and attacking Trump supporters and conservatives as well as violently shutting down conservative events and speaking engagements long before Charlottesville, as was the case in Berkeley, and it was given little to no coverage by the mainstream media.

There were militia who showed up to the Charlottesville protests in response to the increasing trend of police failing to protect people exercising their rights, which would include peacefully rallying and advocating their views and representation, from an increasingly militant element of the left that is oddly never covered by the media. They were of course demonized by the coverage of the event.

For example, most people would never have known that there was a man with a rifle chasing down the man that plowed his car into that crowd; or that when he - Dwayne Dixon - isn't chasing a car with a rifle into a crowd of people he's teaching kids at the University of North Carolina, likely about why we need a Marxist revolution.

“These people did not come for free speech, they came to fight. We are not going to allow people to get violent. This was nothing more than an excuse to unite rightwing hate groups. They knew Black Lives Matter would come and antifa would come,” Christian Yingling, the commanding officer of the Pennsylvania Light Foot Militia that was present at Charlottesville, told The Guardian.

Another militia group there - The Three Percenters - that had shown up to try to protect the people who were going there to protest the removal of the historic monument, ultimately issued a 'stand down' order over concerns about the media spinning it as though they were associated with the hate groups who had shown up to hijack the protest.

"The violent protests that occurred today happened when ANTIFA and BLM showed up to counter-protest against alt-right white supremacists and Nazi groups who were scheduled to gather in Charlottesville's Emancipation Park to protest the city's decision to remove a confederate statue there. While we support and defend everyone's right to free speech, we will not align ourselves with any type of racist group. We cannot have this organization tainted by news outlets as they will most certainly report that we have aligned ourselves with white supremacists and Nazis."

- Three Percenters National Council, Aug. 12, 2017

Malena Manicchia Chastain, the original organizer for the counter demonstration, withdrew from both hosting and attending the event over similar concerns about people who are showing up "looking for a fight" and putting innocent people, children, at risk.

"I'm no longer going to host, organize, or attend this protest due to trusted intel we have learned of many alarming things surrounding this event; things that will put safety at risk," Chastain said. "We don't have the security force to keep people safe at this event and safety has always been and is my number one priority and I cant in good conscious lead people to harm. Another reason is, the left is bussing children in as a set up, and with Antifa going and a known racist group that creates a very bad mix. Although they 'march to end gun violence to protect the children,' they're willing to put children in harms way and I'm not willing to take that risk. I act with integrity and I rise above... Confrontation is not something I run from. Confrontation where I know people are going to get hurt; where children are attending, is not somthing I stand for... With the fighting, the KKK, the left and those showing up just to fight, our message will be lost. I'm about the message. Im about standing for our rights and liberties. That is most important. When that message is lost, it's not valued."

“Where it’s not exactly to ban all guns or take away all guns. It’s just to make sure that the laws that we have properly and thoroughly protect people instead of guns,” Vikaina, one of the organizers for the '50 Miles More' walk, told CBS news' Lisa Hughes.

"This is how the opposition operates," Samson Racioppi, one of the people who assumed the role of organizer following Chastain's exit, said. "They make it seem like every event will be countered with violence, which makes turnout small. We have to stand together. As much as I disagree with the kids, I would put my body between them and harm every day of the week."

Racioppi, a Libertarian candidate running for Congress, issued his own Press release for the event in response to the concerns about disinformation, in which he clearly denounced any real or fictitious groups who would plan on attending.

"It is a common tactic of the left to falsely claim that some fictitious extremist group is going to show up at a rally and cause violence in an effort to stop people on our side from showing up," Brandon Navom, an attendee of the counter demonstration, told Citizens' Dawn concerning the alleged racist, hate groups who are alleged to be showing up in an attempt to join their counterdemonstration.

Navom has been a attendee of previous rallies that Communists and Antifa have attempted to physically intimidate and shut down while shouting him down as a racist; most recently the 'March Against Far Left Violence' hosted by Resist Marxism and Boston Free Speech.

A day before the counter demonstration, the group intends to go ahead with their demonstation despite the threats of violence and slander.

The hate groups counter demonstrators have alleged to be showing up include Antifa and 'Empire Knights.'

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